Congo Kids: Educating Vulnerable Children in Eastern DR Congo


Impact (click for video)

A teacher at the Rwenena Primary School talks about the project in a video (at the link above, be sure to click on "CC" to activate the complete translation text). He reports, in part:


The children are happy and we [at the school] are also happy. We have seen change in the children. This program you have started is something good. We ask that you continue to advocate for us for this project that is helping these disadvantaged children to see if they can get out of illiteracy. Especially for the girls, in our culture, it is always believed that there is no need for a girl to be educated, but if we see reality, the girl is more valuable than a boy in the family. Therefore we plead that you continue to assist us.


On International Women's Day 2015 #IWD2015, we observe the human dignity of everyone served by this program, including mothers who have survived sexual violence. The testimonial on this page observes the value of educating girls. 


AMCAV is honored to provide a guest blog for A World at School's commemoration of International Women's Day. Stand #UpForSchool!


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